What is the Peacock’s magic?

To illustrate the powerful magic of the Peacock, this little story adopted from an eastern teaching fable exemplifies the wisdom and healing characteristics of the Peacock.

First imagine a field where an extremely poisonous plant grows. Narrow minded people with little resourcefulness believe that if they eat the plant they will surely die- so they immediately cut it down and dispose of it. In addition, they fear new growth will arise from the remaining roots so they dig these up as well. This type of approach requires a lot of effort and represents shallow knowledge and means. Poison in this example represents the root of disease and ignorance.

Now imagine that a person with more awareness comes along and sees that the tedious and absolute eradication of the poisonous plant isn’t necessary. With greater awareness, they still contend that that the plant must be disposed of, but that it can be done in a much easier and more expedient way. Instead of completely destroying the plant with all the cutting and digging up of roots, the same goal can be accomplished by pouring boiling water over the roots. Although similar in outcome, the means are quicker and easier.

Now comes along a physician who asks these people why are they going through such great lengths to destroy this poisonous plant when in fact, with wisdom and skillful means, one can actually make medicine by grinding it up to make an antidote to the very poison itself. This wise skillful physician can embrace the poisonous plant and make powerful medicines from it. The physician is not blinded by ignorance and merely avoiding the poison. Instead, he sees through the barrier of ignorance and fear and turns the typical negative outcome into a marvelous opportunity for healing.

Now comes along a proud Peacock. Without hesitation, the Peacock approaches the poisonous plant and instantly eats it up with great enthusiasm. By nourishing itself on the poisonous plant in fact the Peacock’s plumage becomes more full and radiant. The Peacock knows that everything in this world can be an opportunity for healing and growth and isn’t swayed by old convictions spawned by ignorance. The Peacock in this fable is like the physician and an alchemist who is able to transform the negative into the positive and with this alchemy combined with knowledge always treads forward through the transformation of the disease to its’ healing.